Aisla Page

Ailsa har många års erfarenhet inom yrket och har provat arbetat som terapeut på många arter. Sedan många år tillbaka arbetar hon mest med hästar och hundar.

Utbildad genom bla  England equine massage and physioterapist training och Equido and meridian therapy i Scotland. 

Nedan hittar du en vacker beskrivning av hur hon ser på sig själv, i sin yrkesroll, som bla hästterapeut.

Lär känna Aisla

I have often felt that if we humans were to be like rock and you were metaphorically to cut me in two, it would say therapist.

I’ve tried other jobs, other roles but ultimately the way I operate in any role is as just that. This is not a boast, it doesn’t mean I am a good, bad or indifferent one, but that at my heart I am utterly sure of this calling, soul’s purpose, raison d’etre…however you want to describe it.

Calling is an old fashioned word, outmoded in these days of self actualization and monetary focus. I grew up with it perhaps as I had slightly older, Scottish protestant parents and an over imaginative brain which read of missionaries and zoological expeditions! I expected to be something...a vet? ...a zoologist?...a missionary?

I always expected to live a life with a focus on others and I adored and was fascinated by all species on our planet including my own. After a dalliance with the idea of being a teacher (the influence of my amazing French teacher), a veterinarian (James Herriot has much to answer for) and a doctor, I finally came around to combining my love of both science and language with speech and language pathology, adding later advanced studies in physical therapies, psychological therapies, equine assisted therapy and then riding teaching, hippotherapy, animal massage, physiotherapy, biomechanical studies, performance horse gaitanalysis, veterinary rehabilitation therapy, acupressure, myofascial release, hydrotherapy (for dogs) and who knows what next?

I love therapy as a field of study and growth as it constantly offers me new gates to open into expanding worlds. It has allowed me to work in the UK, Canada, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Ukraine and Sweden, it has given me the horrors of learning the histories of incarcerated mental patients and the joys and challenges of helping them follow the latest trend into the community and out of their learned safe zone, it has offered me a range of species from humans, through a snake, hen, guineapig, cat, dog, horse, sheep and even to observe and assist with zoological animals, at the same time offering the breadth of behavioural, communicative and physical fields. I have worked in teams of colleagues from my field and others, from my species and others (I always considered the horse members of the team in equine assisted learning or therapy as colleagues with equal importance and value as the human members).


Therapy for me is a world of internal and external study and I love it. It is my life. I do not intend to stop, indeed I cannot stop being this therapist incarnation until I am dead and gone. 

That to me is what a calling is.

 Yet is does not mean this has been an easy development, I have railed against this calling, dreamed of being an artist, a vet, a scientist, an adventurer!